• Sarah Morrish

What is Nature Drawing in Dry Media ?

I often get asked why I use the term 'dry media' for the forthcoming course at the Kingcombe Centre in Dorset......

I really value the time I get to focus on pure nature drawing, whether it be in the field or in the studio. I love the medium of graphite pencil but there are also so many other options available to us.

There are an array of artist quality colour pencils out there, but I am not a colour pencil artist at all when it comes to detailed botanical work. There are some colour options in dry media that I do like using though, and these include tinted graphite pencils and also a soft drawing pencil, shown in the image above. These come in a variety of earthy shades and certainly lend themselves to nature drawing and landscape drawing too !

Back to graphite - we don't have to be restricted to using graphite pencil, graphite powder is a fantastic medium to use. You can create your own by using sandpaper, rubbing the chosen pencil grade over it and collecting the dust or by using a fine grater. Alternatively ready processed graphite powder is available too. It can add another dimension to your graphite work and I like to use it to soften boundaries of drawings and creating atmospheric backgrounds to my work.

So the above is just a brief introduction as to how I use other dry media in my work.

lf you would like to come and join me in learning and trying some of the drawing techniques I use in natural history illustration with dry media, the course is coming up soon from the 6th to the 8th March at the Kingcombe Centre in Dorset - a study centre situated in the heart of the Kingcombe Meadows Nature Reserve.

The course will explore the techniques used to draw and paint natural objects using graphite pencil and other dry media such as charcoal pencils, tinted graphite pencils and waxy sketching pencils.  Initially you will focus on line drawing, moving on to develop tonal work to depict form, detail and texture.

Your work will be illustrated on paper of various shades to help compliment the subject matter.  The latter will include a variety of gathered natural objects as well as items collected from around the Kingcombe Centre.

By the end of the course you will have experienced a foundation in nature drawing which will provide a springboard to develop your skills further, whether it be keeping a seasonal/nature sketchbook or exploring other subject matter.

This course is ideal for people who are new to drawing nature and/or those that have some drawing experience already and want to develop and refine it further.

For further information in regard to booking and location information follow this link and scroll down to the course.

Perhaps I may see you there, but if not happy drawing !


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