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ONLINE WORKSHOPS - Workshops for organisations


Sarah started providing online workshops via Zoom for organisations and their members during the worldwide pandemic. 

 As we move forward there is still the interest in online learning provision, especially as it means that organisations and groups can invite tutors to teach from outside of your own country/area. 

Although not a replacement to in-person teaching, taking part in an online workshop with members from your group can help fill the gap of not meeting in person, provide an additional and positive way to bring your members together and also nurture your group as a whole.

It is also a great way to receive tuition from a conscientious, popular and professional tutor.

Over time Sarah has delivered  online workshops and courses in a variety of formats according the needs of the organisation.

She has come to understand what works well and has ensured that good quality cameras are used so that you can experience her drawing and painting skills, as though you were looking over her shoulder.


For those workshops and courses that are more than one session in length, Sarah utilises Google Classroom.   This means that she creates a private online classroom, only accessible to those registered for the course.

Tutor support can be given in between sessions using the private online classroom.  Here, attendees can ask for advice, interact with the rest of the group,  share artwork in progress and access additional learning resources, which may include:  image library, PDF digital downloads, videos, links, suggested books and literature and session recordings. 


Why not join Sarah in her home studio? 

Workshop & Course Options 

2 hour 'show and tell' workshop

  • Detailed presentation

  • Live demo session

  • Dual camera view - tutor and work area

  • Supporting learning resources/handouts shared via email 

  • Time set aside for question and answer sessions

  • Access to recorded demo sessions after event has finished

  • 12-15 attendees maximum

  • Bespoke themes available 

2 hour 'show and tell' workshop plus additional support via Google Classroom

  • As above

  • Google Classroom provided for 3 days after the workshop

  • 12-15 attendees maximum

  • Bespoke themes available

Workshops & courses with multiple sessions

​Sarah has created and taught extended online courses, working closely with organisations.  The sessions include all of the above.

  • x2 or 3 three hour online sessions, chosen number of days between each session for attendees to work independently.  Additional support and feedback given in designated private Google Classroom between each session and for chosen number of days after final session

Online Workshop Feedback

'Thank you so much for your brilliant workshop incorporating so much into one day.  Your generous sharing of knowledge and skill is much appreciated as I’ve learnt new insights which I hope to bring to my practice'.

'Outstanding, an excellent instructor'

'I thought the course and materials were very well organized, and beautifully presented'.

'I really appreciated Sarah's in depth knowledge from both a scientific and artistic perspective and how she applied this to teaching members with a variety of skill levels'

'The workshop spoke to the "scientist" in me! I am a long way from understanding it, but it was a lovely introduction for me'!

'I’ll always prefer in-person. But how wonderful to be able to take your workshop from my home'!

'It is much easier to see what you, the instructor, is doing via the camera and video'. 

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Your questions answered

How often are the workshops available?

Sarah only teaches 1 or 2 organisation workshops per month.  

How do I arrange a workshop?

Contact Sarah to discuss proposed theme, structure of workshop, number of participants, proposed dates and costs.  A Tuition Agreement will be issued once details are confirmed.

How do we pay the tuition fee?

Payment for tuition is due no more than 10 working days from the date of the last workshop session.

Payment can be made via Paypal or alternatively via bank transfer.  No overseas cheques are accepted.

How do member's book onto the workshop?

Your organisation workshop co-ordinator will deal with all bookings and associated admin for the workshop.

What information do you issue to our members?

PDF documents including workshop information and materials sheets will be provided and sent to your workshop co-ordinator to distribute to all members.

A detailed information sheet regarding how to access your designated Google Classroom will also be provided, if you have chosen this option for your group.

How do members join the workshop?

Joining instructions for the workshop format of your choice will be sent 3-4 days before each workshop for you to distribute to your members that will be attending the workshop.

Do the members need to be signed up to Zoom Meetings

All of those members wishing to attend your chosen online workshop, will either have to  be registered with Facebook, or be able to download the Zoom Meeting app onto their device.  No payment is required to access either platform.

What technical support will be available?

All workshop attendees will need to ensure that they have a reliable internet connection to view the live demo sessions and to have access to all learning resources.  Full responsibility for this lies with your members.

To access Zoom Meetings members will need to have a web cam installed on their computer if they wish to be seen during the workshop and a microphone if they wish to be heard.  (A lot of computers now have both already installed).

Viewing the live demo sessions on both platforms is best through a desktop or laptop computer, although a tablet computer will be satisfactory.

If you would like to discuss booking an online workshop with Sarah, please use the form below

Thanks! Message sent.


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