ZOOM STUDIO SESSIONS - from Sarah's home studio

Why not join Sarah in her home studio for themed tuition sessions in botanical and natural history art?  

  • Each session lasts 2 hours and covers a set theme

  • Various media ~ watercolour ~ gouache ~ pen & ink ~ graphite pencil

  • 'Live' demonstration time, presentations & other learning resources included

  • Question & answer times during each session

  • Dual camera view - tutor & work area

  • 15 attendees

  • See each session description for experience level

  • Sessions take place on the Zoom meeting platform

  • Private access to the recording after the session

Each session is carefully created to support you in your learning according to your skill level and give you the opportunity to focus on learning time just for you. 

There will be clear aims and objectives given at the beginning of each session; guidance on the use of specific materials and equipment that are applicable to the theme and media; demonstration of techniques;  a window onto the natural world helping you to connect to the subject matter and understand more about it to inform the development of your artwork; but most of all to have fun alongside others with a mutual interest.



The email address that is linked to your Paypal account is the one that will be used for all communication regarding session joining instructions.  If you wish these to be sent to an alternative email address please let Sarah know.  Please also ensure you check your spam/junk email folders if you have not received confirmation of booking or joining instructions.  Thank you.

twig montage.jpg

Winter Twigs in Pen & Ink

Thursday 10th February 3.30-5.30pm UK time


The focus of this session will be on identifying and recording the features of deciduous trees in late winter.  Using live references I will share with you how to develop drawings to incorporate into your botanical artwork, showing features such as bud types and structure; pith structure; lenticels; leaf, bundle and girdle scars; alongside life-size illustrations of the twigs themselves.  The finished drawings will then be rendered in pen and ink and we will examine the most appropriate mark-making methods for these subjects.

Suitable for those with some experience in detailed drawing techniques.  Can be new to drawing in pen and ink or have some experience.

spirals montage.jpg

Drawing Cones, Curves & Spirals

Tuesday 22nd & Thursday 24th March 3.30-5.30pm UK time


Drawing curves and spirals can be one of the most challenging aspects in learning to draw botanical subjects.  Sarah will take you through the stages of drawing used to combat these challenges, that will in turn enhance your botanical art skills.  Several subjects will be used such as cacti, twisted seed pods and cones of various sizes and shapes.  The focus of this session will be on guiding you to develop botanical drawing techniques that you can then incorporate into your own artwork. 

Suitable for those new to botanical art and those with some experience.

bee montage.jpg

Drawing Bees, Wasps & Hornets in Pen & Ink

Tuesday 26th April 3.30-5.30pm UK time


Several species of Hymenoptera including Honeybees, Red mason bees and wasps featured in Sarah's book published last year.  She is looking forward to re-visiting these subjects again, including Hornets too, and she will introduce you to their physical structure and the essential features that you will need to be familiar with to aid the drawing process.  Then she will guide you in depicting them in pen and ink, with both fine line pens and dip pens.  Specific techniques will be demonstrated such as how to show colour differences and textures when mark-making. 
Suitable for those with some experience in detailed drawing techniques.  Can be new to drawing in pen and ink or have some experience.

stem montage.jpg

Illustrating Stems, Attachments & Defences 

Tuesday 3rd & Thursday 5th May  3.30-5.30pm UK time


In some cases stems can be one of the most challenging features to portray in botanical art and illustration.  During these sessions we will explore different forms of stems and their associated attachments, some of which act as defences.   During the live demos we will look at some of these and take a methodical approach in drawing their structure and portraying their form and colour in graphite pencil and watercolour.

Suitable for those with experience of detailed drawing and watercolour painting techniques in botanical art.

Other useful information

  • You will need access to a computer and a good internet connection

  • You will need to download the Zoom Meetings platform which is free and be responsible for any technical issues that may occur. Sarah can not take responsibility for these or provide support in this area.

  • Each session is usually a 'stand-alone' session and this is not a structured course where individual feedback is provided after each session.

  • Payment is via the Paypal payment button for your chosen course using a Paypal account or your debit/credit card.

  • Once payment has been made you will receive a confirmation email within 48 hours,  with further details of the Zoom Studio Session and its theme.