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The Folding Naturescape project has evolved over time when my artwork has focused on illustrating plants from a specific vegetation community as well as habitat.

This has allowed me to look at the bigger picture and remind myself of the inter-connectivity between many species and habitats.

In today's world where the fragility of nature and climate is so much in our minds, I wanted to develop a creative concept whereby we can create an accessible piece of artwork.  This in turn will help to strengthen and communicate our connection to the natural world, with a particular focus on ecological communities and habitats, as well as individual species.

The Folding Naturescape came into its own when I was teaching for the Transylvania School of Botanic Art and Illustration.  The subjects from the high nature value grasslands and adjacent habitats came together to create a Folding Naturescape showing some of these plants during the month of October when their characteristics change towards the end of their flowering stage of growth.

Why is it called a FOLDING NATURESCAPE?

It is created on a piece of paper in a format of your choice and includes a single or double fold. This enables the subjects to be illustrated on both sides of the paper in places and is an inspiring way to reveal hidden features of your chosen subjects.
If you feel daunted by working in a sketchbook or journal, then this may be a favourable option for you.

How can you be part of the FOLDING NATURESCAPE project?

It will form a major part in the learning opportunities I provide as a botanical and natural history illustrator and tutor.  This will include online options, such as Patreon, and separate themes for the Zoom Studio Sessions.  In 2024 there will also be several in-person workshops that focus on Folding Naturescapes alongside a particular theme.  Updates on my work will also be shared on social media.


Join the Folding Naturescape membership tier where you will have access to focused posts and video tutorials that cover a range of media (pen and ink, graphite, watercolour, gouache); different ways to present a Folding Naturescape; design options; process posts with text and images; challenges and solutions.


These are 2 or 3 hour sessions that Sarah teaches online from her studio.  They take place throughout the year and cover a variety of themes, media and techniques.


Most of the in-person workshops that I teach take place at The Holt Estate in Hampshire, UK.  The Folding Naturescape will also feature as part of my 2025 course at the Transylvania School of Botanic Art and Illustration.

I also teach in-person workshops for organisations too, so do get in touch if you would like me to teach a Folding Naturescape workshop.

The term 'FOLDING NATURESCAPE' is protected by copyright and belongs to Sarah Morrish and Illustrating Natures Details.


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