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Learn to illustrate the beauty, detail and accuracy of the natural world with
Botanical & Natural Science Artist & Naturalist
Sarah Morrish BSc Hons  CPGFS  FLS  ASBA
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The Holt Workshops
Courses & Workshops

Have you ever wanted to illustrate those little natural gems you maybe collect on walks, on holiday or even in your garden ?

A variety of courses are being developed to encompass many aspects of the natural world, so you will not only learn drawing and painting techniques, but also about the natural world we share too. 

A variety of courses and workshops are offered in a selection of inspiring settings across the country.

2 and 3 day workshops, masterclasses and project course at The Holt Estate in Hampshire; residential and non-residential course options at The Kingcombe Centre in Dorset.

Small paintings, fine-art prints, greeting card sets and notebooks can make affordable but special presents.  Now there is the opportunity to purchase these from the Natures Details shop on Etsy.  In 2019 you will also be able to download learning resources in PDF format, carefully written and devised to support your learning.

During 2020 Sarah will be taking a break from providing online tuition courses while she completes a new collection of work and finishes writing and illustrating her book on natural history illustration in pen and ink.  This is due for publication in 2021.

In the meantime she will be producing new titles for learning resources as digital downloads.  

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