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Learn to illustrate the beauty, detail and accuracy of the natural world with
Botanical & Natural Science Artist & Naturalist
Sarah Morrish BSc Hons  CPGFS  FLS  ASBA

Sarah is thrilled to provide a wider range of learning experiences online through the Illustrating Natures Details Patreon Community.  It is hoped that this community will grow to nurture, teach and raise awareness of many aspects of the natural world alongside drawing and painting techniques.  Media used will include watercolour, graphite pencil, gouache and pen & ink.

There are 4 different membership levels to suit all budgets, each providing quality tuition aided by an attentive and experienced tutor and a range of learning resources.

Courses & Workshops

A variety of courses and workshops are offered in a selection of inspiring settings across the country.

2 and 3 day workshops, masterclasses and project course at The Holt Estate in Hampshire, a working farm and country estate in a parkland setting in the South Downs National Park; residential and non-residential course options at The Kingcombe Centre in Dorset.  The latter is surrounded by the beautiful and historical Kingcombe Meadows Nature Reserve.

Tailor-made online workshops available for organisations

During the ongoing health crisis many of us are confined to our homes and immediate local areas.  As artists we may be used to working on our own at times, but if we belong to a group that regularly meets we can miss the companionship and opportunity to draw and paint together.

Although not a replacement, taking part in an online workshop with members from your group can help fill the gap of not meeting in person.  To find out more click here ...

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