DRAWING NATURE - parts 1 & 2

The Drawing Nature course is a stepping stone into illustrating the natural world in graphite pencil, for artists of all levels of experience.  You could be somebody who has returned to drawing and painting after a long break, it may be a new hobby, or you may be an artist already and want to explore a new area of work or perhaps fine tune your drawing skills - it is all about building your confidence in drawing.

The course will in time consist of several parts, each part will incorporate several modules, with specific exercises and assignments to follow and complete.  Your tuition will be provided via a password protected folder, where you will be able to download the course handbook and find links to view online tutorial videos.  Not only that, as part of each module you will receive personal detailed, constructive feedback from Sarah to help guide you in the right direction.

To get the most from the course it is advised that you wait for the feedback from one assignment, before you submit the next.

There is also the chance to link up with other learners on the course via a private group on Facebook (optional).

How much does the course cost ?

Drawing Nature - Part 1 is £125 and Drawing Nature - Part 2 is £135

The course fee is payable via Paypal, and registration will be open several weeks before each course starts.  You do not need to have a Paypal account to use this service.

 Once the course fee has been paid you will receive an email with specific information of how to access the password protected folder one week before your chosen course starts. 

The course outline and materials list can be downloaded below.


How long will the course take ?

Each person will work at a different pace dependant on their level of experience and the amount of time they are able to set aside to complete each section of the course and the associated drawing practice.  

Therefore, access to the password protected folder and opportunities for assessment, will be available for 6 months after the start date of the course.

Drawing Nature - Part 1   £125  Next course July 2019 

  • introduction and subject matter

  • choosing, collecting and preserving subject matter

  • work area and materials

  • the challenge of line drawing

    • the fundamentals of observational drawing

    • increasing drawing confidence

  • creating reality - line, tone and form

    • understanding highlights and shadows

    • tonal values, variation and transition

    • tonal shading techniques

Download Part 1 course outline & materials list here



Drawing Nature - Part 2   £135  Next course 2020

Structured drawing approaches

  • introduction and subject matter

  • subject matter will include plants, birds, the seashore

  • using dividers and other measuring methods

  • observing and drawing perspective

  • drawing helicoid seashells

  • introduction to drawing birds

Download Part 2 course outline & materials list here


Registration & payment available from Monday 9th July  Course starts Monday 6th August


Student feedback

'Got past my fear of putting pencil to paper! Learned great tonal and line drawing techniques'.

'Sarah's feedback was superb! So thorough and encouraging!'

'The discovery that graphite is such a versatile and pleasing medium to work with. Also the course content was thorough and instructions were clear and easy to follow. The pace was relaxed'.

'Everything is broken down into precise steps and therefore makes following along achievable'.

'The professional feedback that I have received is both educational and rewarding. Problem areas are discussed with examples and the opportunity to go back and make the study better'.

Drawing Nature Course
Drawing Nature Course
Drawing Nature Course

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